Train and Test Your Fitness Abilities with Our Unstable Footwear

Whether you are looking to improve your overall body functions or improve your strength, mobility, or stability, PRīMFIT™ footwear and training plans are your solution. Our four-phase exercise program quantifies your functional strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility level on a scale of 1 to 100. These detailed results highlight your strengths and deficiencies as well.


The PRīMFIT™ Solutions assessment is an in-depth exercises performance analysis that includes ten progressive levels of difficulty. This preliminary analysis provides a quick quantification of your functional-fitness, and athletic ability, along with your risk of injuries and falls.


The PRīMFIT™ Solutions rehabilitation program is designed to restore functional movements and decrease the likelihood of future injuries. This includes a series of 50 progressive rehabilitating exercises and Rehabilitation Protocols emphasizing corrective movements and proprioceptive training techniques.

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Balance and Fall Prevention

The PRīMFIT™ Solutions balance and falls prevention program includes 25 progressive exercises designed to maintain and improve balance, strength, and functional ability. The PRīMFIT™ balance and falls prevention program helps make daily activities like standing up, walking, and climbing stairs easier and safer!

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The PRīMFIT™ Solutions training program incorporates the full four-phase exercise program – which amounts to 100 exercises in total – and is designed to improve and accelerate functional fitness and one’s athletic ability, while also helping prevent injuries.

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Sport-specific Training

The PRīMFIT™ Solutions footwear is the only product that allows for sport-specific movement on a safe and an unstable surface, while providing additional challenges that facilitate sport-specific muscle function.

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