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PRIMFIT™ Solutions offers the first portable footwear and an integrated training system for both functional and balance-specific movement. Other unstable surface training products limit your movement, thus limiting the benefits. Our footwear adds dynamic movement that increases body awareness and enhances performance on a variety of levels.


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PRīMFIT™ Solutions footwear helps you meet your overall wellness, functional fitness, and physical rehabilitations goals. Our product and training system are designed to provide you with the most effective, efficient, and safest method of functional and dynamic stability training.

  • Improved Fitness

  • Enhanced Sports Performance

  • Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention

  • Enhanced Functional Ability

  • Fall Prevention

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What Experts Are Saying

PRīMFIT™ footwear allows for training on an unstable surface with functional and sport-specific movement, while improving lower body core strength and balance. PRīMFIT™ footwear accelerates and improves rehabilitation - by not only restoring pre-injury condition, but by rebuilding effective and efficient movement

Arik Poremba, PT, DPT

Inventor of PRīMFIT™ footwear

As a foot and ankle specialist taking care of a large variety of people, I am directing patients to physical therapy clinics that use PRīMFIT™ footwear. PRīMFIT™ footwear focuses on stability and balance and is the key to a quick as possible return to activity.

Dr. Mahesh Bagwe

St. Louis Cardinals Team Orthopedic Surgeon
Lower Extremity Specialist

Proprioception training is essential in rehabilitation and athletic training programs. Significant proprioceptive ability is lost after an injury; meaning there is not efficient neuro-connection between the brain and receptors and affected areas. It is beneficial to rehabilitate and strengthen on PRīMFIT™ footwear because the training improves proprioceptive and neuromuscular ability in a functional way, leading to improved abilities.

Takahiro Uchida, ATC, PES

Sports Medicine Staff – Atlanta Hawks NBA